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The options said ''New Game, Start Here, Load, WHY''.


The scene starts one of Minion pig and his friends talks the pig employees, after the screen glitched too long, When screen cuts to black and red says something he's found dead pig employees.

The screen popped me to scary, Which Minion Pig said and scratched, ''No more of you, Red'' Minion Pig said. The screen cuts to black, Before red runs.

The listen to Red, he found killer Minion Pig in employees only, He's found the death Disney treasure island costumes, Before screen cuts to black, Which PN Mickey wakes up.

Pn mickey wakes up because his creepy scary looking off, He's Has mickey head but with g major colors, Red runs away, The screen cuts to black.

The call: 911. Which the was related to Caillou.exe, Aka The killer minion pig is starting off of the screen. The screen cuts to black and Minion Pig sightly kills the helmet pig.

This call 911 gives the crap in the time. The cake is slightly made of FNAF 3 props and withered bonnie's face on.

The episode ended.