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That was not-awesome what's not the randomly.


Suicide Mouse becomes back on lost episode 4, they're made of suicides to do, Chuck is renamed into ''GALSS OUR HORROR EYES IN ADHL0O'', When screen cuts to black, When suicide mouse runs.

The Face and Disembodied randomly appear, but they never appear on 90 hours, they appears on the 34 hours.

Dahlo says ''ur face crap spaghetti'', When Suicide Mouse craps the Dahlo, when he dies in the cuts to black screen, he says ''URMAASMEAS,URCREP''.

The face starts to sighing, Where Dahlo was Red from Angry birds lost episode 3, Where that ''wtf bom'' and name behinded and it saided, ''the shadow behind the wall, wtf''.

Disembodied gets the gun to Kill the Dahlo, Photo Negative Mickey randomly see the Disembodied, When screen cuts to black, Where Dahlo screams like a blood curdling scream from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2: Alternate Ending.

The end credits were reffered here, The epilogue music has same music from Angry birds lost episode 3, but slowed down. But the characters were reffered as ''Red'' and ''Dahlo'' stucken in the cave.