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Anyone can Accept these requests here!

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SophiaMinininja SophiaMinininja 19 February

Lost THX Tex Trailer: The Lost Diamond is Unbreakable Trailer

Based Off Of: Lost THX Tex Trailer: The Banned Monster House Trailer & Lost THX "Tex" Trailer - Tex and Randall

What Is The Point Of These Trailers? Are They Going To Be Gone Or Not?

(More Coming Soon)

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TheRealDevonte TheRealDevonte 12 December 2021

Tex and Zurg: Zurgcide

Fuck Pixar.

Seriously. FUCK. Pixar.

2006; the year where fucking Disney and THX ended their partnership. THX wasn’t associated with fucking Disney after the DVD release of Cars, That fatass red car.

But precisely, this is not what I fucking mean. What I mean is that I am going through an FUCKING tough time right now.

It was October 1st, and I was having lunch.

My mum reminded me that she will go in the shop to get some groceries.

I finished my Shit chicken goujons and decided to look in the Lifeline shop to find some rare stuff.

I looked through the DVD shelf, finding many adult DVDs and kids DVDs.

After a good eleven seconds, I found what appeared to be the rarest Pixar DVD Boxset to exist yet.

It was an fucking Ultimate THX Collection Ü, featurin…

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Brezlin10 Brezlin10 29 November 2021

The Eraser, Scooter Buskie, Tex and the Plank Boy: Buskicide

  • 1 NSFW
  • 2 Chapter 1: The Introduction
  • 3 Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Story
  • 4 Chapter 3: I FOUND A FUCKING DVD!!!!!!!!!
  • 5 Chapter 4: Damn, Back Home Again
  • 6 Chapter 5: We're Ready
  • 7 Chapter 6: The Warning
  • 8 Chapter 7: The Trailer Begins...
  • 9 Chapter 8: It's a Bad Day with the Boy
  • 11 Chapter 10: It's Beginning to Become Phenomenal
  • 12 Chapter 11: Wonder Red and Jack's Shitty Unconsciousness
  • 13 Chapter 12: How Jack Have Had Become
  • 14 Chapter 13: Wonder Red and the Fucking Soldiers!
  • 15 Chapter 14: Don't You Dare Kill the Princess, Bitch!
  • 16 Chapter 15: You Killed the Princess! You Didn't Listen, Asshole!
  • 17 Chapter 16: Tex Meets the Plank Boy and Wonder Red's Argument
  • 18 Chapter 17: Wonder Red's Suffering
  • 19 Chap…
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GabeHatesA&WRootBeer GabeHatesA&WRootBeer 15 October 2021

The GTPM Show: p i l o t.

The GTPM Show: p̸͓̼̀̉̇̏̽̍i̶̙̪͍̐̊̓́ľ̶̛̜̱͈̼̺͇͈̾̍̂́͒͝ǒ̶͔͍t̶̥̠̫̖̼̰͖̩̃̋̒͊̎̽

(NOTE: The GTPM Show is an actual upcoming show I’m making.)

So, you know the upcoming show, right? It’s test name was just GTPM, and it recently got announced this year, 2015.

I heard that the show's actual name will be The GTPM Show, and it' 2nd pilot is in production.

A year ago, in late 2014, I was a scrawny little kid watching stupid ass kid shows. Until a black and red bumper came up, with a red eye flashing. I was already a said, I was still a little kid. And an ominous, corny ass pitch black bumper creeped me out.

The...episode came on.

The quality was terrible, and most of the sound was ruined by static. But I could still hear things. The show’s …

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SophiaMinininja SophiaMinininja 24 September 2021

Lost THX Tex Trailer: Josuke And The THX Tex Of Doom

I Was On A Flea Market Looking For DVDs, And I Got A THX Tex Trailer, It Was Labeled: "Josuke And The THX Tex Of Doom" And I Buy It, And I Put The DVD In My DVD Player, And It All Started With The Logo Called: "snoitcudorP divaD" It Was Made By CyanAngryBird, And I Saw That Picture Looked Like Kira But He's Corrupted. And After The Logo, It Went Back To A DVD Menu, And I Clicked Play, And It All Started With Josuke Walking In Tex's Hideout, Josuke Didn't Know Where Someone Is, He Stands There All Alone.

Josuke: "Is Anybody There? Hello?"

Josuke Finds Out The Evil Tex Head Is Here, Josuke Screamed Loudly, That Did Not Sound Anime-Like, It Sounded Like His Voice Actor Was Scared.

Josuke: "What The Hel…

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HopelessNightOwl HopelessNightOwl 19 September 2021

New Creepypasta Wiki

Hello. I have created and am currently promoting a new wiki for posting creepypastas. Here is the link for those interested. Please read the rules before posting any stories.

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3849302q 3849302q 6 May 2021

friday night funkin creepy

i played fnf week 2 idk bc i was board when it got to monster it just froze then it showed footage of lemon demon eating a human his nae was brock idk why that was his name then the song came back but before it was my turn my caracter git killed then he exploded. I SCREAMED. to this day i still play the game idk why that happend.

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Mrwiki2331 Mrwiki2331 14 January 2021

im ganna fix this page

ok i now this is dead and im ganna fix this now

if it does. i will do it

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Christopher lubrano Christopher lubrano 8 October 2020

This Wiki Is Dead

I can't take it anymore.

This is one nearly dead wiki thanks to anons vandalizing creepypastas and turning them into shitty stories, flooding the comment sections, and threatening users of this wiki.

I swear, if whoever created this wiki doesn't stop all this madness, us users are disappearing completely from this wiki and either making a brand new one or moving to Geoshea's Lost Episode Wiki.

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EmmaDoezStuff EmmaDoezStuff 7 October 2020

To whoever created this wiki...

May I please become an admin? I want to be an admin because THIS person, keeps vandalizing other creepy pastas, staring flame wars and sending death threats to Oddguyoutwithsoda. (Who has been blocked for some reason.) so, may I please be an admin to block

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Christopher lubrano Christopher lubrano 9 August 2020

Too much vandalism

This wiki is being under attack by random fandom users who are changing up creepypastas and adding unnessecary pictures and information to them. Therefore, I am disappearing from this wiki and moving to Geoshea's Creepypasta Wiki until all of this is fixed. My creepypastas are no longer safe here.

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Christopher lubrano Christopher lubrano 12 July 2020

This user needs to be blocked

This user has been vandalizing creepypastas and making them horrible. If anyone is out there, please report this user so they can be blocked and our creepypastas can be safe.

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Christopher lubrano Christopher lubrano 8 December 2018

Wayne's Depression

Here's my first MYCUN creepypasta:'s_Depression

What do you guys think of it? P.S. I decided not to let Wayne die, as he is my favorite character in the Hotel Transylvania franchise

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