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I told you all about the deleted version of the Hong Kong Battle scene from Godzilla vs. Kong. Well, there is another deleted scene. This is going to be scarier than it is before.

In the afternoon, I was at Wendy's to get a 10-piece Chicken Nuggets, Bacon Cheeseburger, French Fries and a Strawberry Lemonade. After eating at Wendy's, I went home from Wendy's.

Suddenly, my mom came in and she said she found a never-before-seen the DVD of Godzilla vs. Kong. I took a good look at the DVD.

The DVD.

The DVD was all about one Lost Internship Recreation of the Hong Kong Battle scene from Godzilla vs. Kong.

The cover consisted of Kong was about to put his battle axe to Godzilla's mouth.

It was labelled as "Godzilla vs. Kong - Lost Internship Recreation of the Hong Kong Battle Scene".

The DVD was released on August 2, 2021.

was quite surprised for my mom finding a rare find.

My mom went to go see her friend to visit.

While I'm home alone, I put the disc in my DVD player.

The DVD Menu.

The DVD opened with the Warner Bros Home Entertainment logo, then it took me to the DVD menu.

However, there was the characters from the film including, Godzilla and Kong.

The background image was Hong Kong.

The only one menu button and that is "Play Hong Kong Battle (May 25, 2021)" and the background music is "Mega" by Junkie XL.

I was only anxious that there was only one menu button on this DVD.

I pressed play. And at the very beginning, there was a warning.

"Warning: This lost, deleted internship recreation from Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) is not suitable for younger viewers as it contains graphic violence. After that horrible experience, we dropped it out, and replaced it with a better one for children and the audience. Watch at your own risk."

I facepalmed in annoyance. "Here comes the scary part!" I said in painlessly.

A screenshot of Godzilla slams his tail.

The clip started with Godzilla slams his tail.

And, oh god, he looked berserk; he had red eyes with black, blood dripping from his mouth, red pupils, crying blood and scars all over his body.

Kong put the axe down and smashed his hands.

Godzilla roared.

Kong roared, too.

Kong ran and jumped.

The axe was stuck on the building.

Godzilla bit Kong.

They were fighting in Hong Kong.

He broke the fire breath.

He punched Godzilla.

Godzilla fell to the ground.

Kong roared.

Kong grabbed out the axe and put it to Godzilla's mouth.

Godzilla spit the axe out.

Godzilla uses his fire breath at the axe and attacked Kong.

Godzilla's leg was stabbed by Kong's axe.

Kong fell to the ground.

Godzilla grabbed out the axe and threw it to the top of a building.

Kong running away from Godzilla's fire breath.

Godzilla stopped breathing fire.

Kong got burnt by Godzilla's breath and fell onto the ground.

A screenshot of Godzilla laughing.

Godzilla laughed in a scary very deep voice.

Kong got up and roared.

Kong going up to the building.

But he got killed from the falling building.

Kong roared in pain in a loud tone.

I covered my ears for this.

I paused the clip, I uncovered my ears as I saw my ears bleeding.

I cleaned the blood out of my ears.

I unpaused the clip.

A screenshot of Kong had died.

Kong is dead.

He had black hollow eyes and mouth.

His head is open with blood dripping.

He was crying blood on his eyes.

His arm was missing.

A bone sticking out of his chest.

I felt extremely sick.

i paused the video, i went to the bathroom and vomited down the toilet.

After that i unpaused the clip.

Godzilla turned back to normal and walked away.

The clip then ended.

It cut to the DVD menu.

So, I recorded the footage and posted it on YouTube. I ejected the disc, put it back into the case, I smashed the DVD with the sledgehammer and buried into the ground.

Later that night, I had a nightmare about Godzilla killing me as the same as Kong.

Please stay away from those stupid horror creations on DVD. Never, ever again.