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E3 beta build of Angry birds.

June/13/2012/ I was walking in our old ware house when I saw this. a old video recorder the thing still works. for some reason. I for some reason put it in my backpack in case if I need it for photos or videos. SHIT its 2 AM ALREADY ill update this when I can but to some it up short I work at a near by fast food place near the west. June/5/14/2012/ Ok update so I was walking by to pay off my bills when I saw a blip flew by. I mean its normal to see blips. fly to new York all the way to here and so on and so forth. but what flew out gave me a surprise. it was a copy of. angry birds? ON THE PC. it was a floppy disc but I was still happy to see one. I mean I was never an angry birds fan but some of my friends talked about it 2 weeks ago. but still awesome to well OWN A COPY ill update this as SOON as I get back to the house. June/14/2012/ 7:30 pm. So I went back to the house and showed my friends and they ask how did I got a copy. I told them that the thing dropped down from the sky onto the street I was in. but they said I was bullshitting. so we put the disc inside our PC it took hours- even beeping and wires were running and making a fuck ton of noise. I got my video recorder out of my backpack and clicked play. then the menu showed. ANGRY BIRDS. (beta build) version 1.2 at 1st I was at a aw of how it worked. then I saw something. beta build? then one of my friends said. "wait was that suppose to be in a E3 build at new York, I saw it on the news at 5:30" well shit I guess that was why it was only in beta I clicked play and there were only 5 levels. well that were locked. four of them were locked. and the only one that was not was called poached eggs. so in a flash I clicked on it and the cutsence played out but the music was off REALLY FUCKING OFF. it went to slow to high. maybe its because it fell on the hard floor. and worst of all the thing was blacking in and out. "dude I think its broken" but just before my friend said anything else the game started. level 1 was easy I killed some birds and just before I went to play level 7 I heard something that scared the fuck out of me to this day. June/14/2012/

12:09 pm OUR FUCKING WINDOWS BROKEN. WE LOOKED UP AND WE SAW A FUCKING BRICK ON THE FLOOR OF THE ROOM OUR ROOM MATES CAME DOWN STAIRS AND SAW WHAT HAPPENED. the brick said nothing it was just a brick. so we did what any normal person well do. put the brick outside and where it broke OUR FUCKING WINDOW. (side note) I looked back and THERE WAS A TIMER!? WELL SHIT I GUESS THAT WAS WHY IT WAS GOING TO THE E3 PLACE I got back on my chair while one of my friends called the cops about our window. I won the 1st round intel I saw a story board of a cutsence.

it showed red bird hitting army pig to the ground and pecking his eyes out. and the other birds trying to stop him and the cutsence ends. and so did the timer. the game credits showed and the other things in the demo that we would have seen if we played it longer. FUCK THAT. I was about to remove it intel I heard two of my younger friends scream. then I saw it a chicken with no head like cut off no head. and a newspaper.

HELL NO. I said and ripped off the floppy disc I then heard the cops ring the door bell I put the camera onto my table next to the bed. and talked to the cops we then talked about the game and the disc and the WINDOW. then I showed them the video and one of the cops said. "dear god" he then sat us down and talked about the story and a family making food for a farm but when they cut off the chickens head but it was not dead. they showed him in shows. and evens got little tiny bows on there metals intel one day when the chicken got ran over. the two tried to get that chicken back for days. cutting off there heads intel they were all dead. they talked to the people who make the disc and said that there was a guy who was a pedo they Didn't know about making creepy disc for tv networks called frets wow of fun. after that talk things went normal. as normal and finding out that the disc you got was a pedo. they also said it was dropped by him while they were flying there to the E3 at new york. no one knew it was frets intel. on July 21st 1 year after the whole disc thing he was found hanging. with a paper that said. Whos Angry Now? ME.

and too this day I'm still have night mares about the lost DVD disc of the angry birds beta.