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(This is the edited version with a better flow and fixes) I like the game Angry Birds. It sucks that you cant play the old games anymore, I like the Angry Birds game and all the cartoons, foods and you get the idea. I'm a fan of the game and everything about it but something changed what I think about the game. To explain, in 2018, I was on my computer looking at memes you know what you do, then an ad popped up reading "Do you want to play Angry Birds? Then click this link to play the original game!" I knew that I loved Angry Birds, so I downloaded it because I loved how the old one looked, so I played. I liked level 1, but it was a bit odd, Red and his eyes were blue and he didn't have the classic bird tail they had, instead was a twisted mess of the classic tail. I beat all the levels easily. when it show the cutscene it was okay at first but the next cutscene that showed the full building, the pigs were everywhere. I saw King Pig's eyes completely white and he had blood coming out of his nose and Red also looked creepy. His eyes were white and he was crying. Red had his tail back and he was looking at me and crying blood, like what the fuck! I can’t even say a word, like what the fuck was that?!

Then I turned off the game, but soon I heard a sound in my box of toys. "What the hell" I told to myself, so I opened it and there was a DVD I was in shock, because this was a DVD that my dad gave for me in 2014, you might be thinking, "I’m sorry, what the fuck?" But I can see some of you guys rolling your eyes, but this terrified me as a kid.

2 days later I opened the ad and clicked the 'play' button. Why? I decided to play again because I thought it could've been a dream, but I was still creeped out about what happened, I played level 1 and the cutscene rolled in and something horrific happened.... King Pig said in a human voice “Muahahaha your bird’s having fun, you had your eggs back for far to long, we don't have food, please give us MEAT.” King Pig sounded like he was a maniac than, King Pig hit Red with his crown Red's eye was bleeding as he cried out in pain.

Chuck screamed “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Chuck flew and hit king pig and blood flies all all over Bomb, And I thought to myself “Wait where's the Blues and what the fuck is going on!!!!” Soon King Pig got killed and Chuck and began looking at me, with blood and all. Soon the screen turned black and in blood he wrote "You're next." I deleted my history and I am never playing the full video game ever! And that’s why this version Angry Birds changed what I think about the game.


(Edited by Nikusha - I edited it with great grammar, I hope you see this message!)