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If you thought the deleted THX trailers were over and done with? no, there are more. And this awful memory won’t leave me alone. I was at Target, in the movie section, to see what it had to offer until I came across a dvd that said “Tex and Aidan.”

“Looks nice,” I thought to myself.

I later purchased the DVD and went back home. I put it in my Xbox one S, ready to watch the never-before-seen trailer. The DVD opened with the “ Paramount Home Entertainment” logo, then it cut straight to the DVD Menu.

The DVD Menu is beautiful to look at.

Me: “Whoever designed it did a really good job, I hope they get a raise.”

The DVD menu consisted of the 1st 5 numberblocks, Shrek. Donkey, Puss in boots, buzz lightyear, Woody, Tex and Aidan Yeckley in coloured boxes.

The options were Play, Visit THX, subtitles, and DVD credits. I pressed play to see the trailer, just then a warning came up.

“this trailer was made for the release of REC, A 2007 horror film. Even though the film wasn’t THX certified, it also contains content that is unsuitable for those who are squeamish. Watch at your own risk.”

I was worried at first but I put a brave face on.

The trailer started at an abandoned mall at night.

Just then, Aidan Yeckley and Tex walked in.

Are you ready, Aidan?” Tex asked.

“I certainly am, Tex.” Aidan answered.

The two killers got their weapons ready, Tex held his chainsaw and Aidan held his butcher's knife.

The 4 Pups from Paw patrol were in a room

“So, do you recall hearing the news about this crazy robot recently?” Chase asked.

“Nope, never heard of him.” Marshall replied.

“I did, he has murdered hundreds of innocent people. Somebody has to stop him.” Replied Rubble.

“Um, do you get the feeling we’re being watched?” Asked Rocky.

“Yep, you certainly do!” Tex said offscreen.

The four dogs then looked at the doorway, and Tex was standing in there.

“Are you dogs ready to have lots of fun with the T-Man tonight?”

“N-no…” said Marshall.

Aidan then appeared beside Tex. “Don’t forget about me.”

The four dogs exchanged glances and quickly evacuated from the room.

“Hey! Where are you all going?! You haven’t seen the T-Man’s magic tricks yet!” Tex called.

Aidan: “We’ll show them! Come on!”

The two killers then chased after the four Dogs through a dark hallway. They laughed madly as they pointed their weapons towards the dogs.

It showed a shot of Tex running the nearest, grinning stupidly, while Aidan was racing from behind.

The 4 dogs ran to an unknown part of the building.

“What do we do now?” Rubble asked.

“Oh, Sparkies, we’re still here…” Tex cooed.

The four puppies looked back, and Tex and Aidan were standing from a distance.

“TIME TO ROCK N’ ROLL WITH THE T-MAN TONIGHT!!!” Tex shouted with determination.

Aidan yelled. “Oh, yeah! This is where the fun started for real!”

Tex then started to swing his chainsaw around the hall as the pups ran for their lives, just when they were about to reach the escalator, Aidan was running towards the dogs.

Right before Aidan's butcher's knife was about to make contact with Marshall, it cut to a shot of the building, with the Paw Patrol members screaming.

All I could hear was blood splattering, the chainsaw, the evil laughters of Aidan and Tex and the pups’ blood-curdling screams.

“What… the hell am I watching? What did they ever do to them?”

The screen then cuts to black.

But the trailer wasn’t over yet

The screen faded to the THX hideout, then Shrek, Donkey, Puss in boots, the 1st 5 numberblocks, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear walked into the shot.

Numberblock 4: “we’ll this is the place.”

Jerome: This is really scary! Can we go now?

Shrek: "Now everyone, we have to take down this Crazy robot that has been murdering innocent people around the world."

“Shrek is right.” Puss in boots responded. “We must defeat him and that monster that used to work at a company called Monsters Inc.”

As soon as he said it, Tex dropped down like he did in the Tex 2: moo can trailer

Jett: "OH NO! IT'S HIM!"

"Well well well, we have guests, what a sight to behold!" Tex said.

"It's you!" Shrek yelled.

"What were you thinking about trying to kill everybody?" Puss in boots asked madly?

Donkey then was trying to face his fear. "You're going to have to pay for what you have done."

Aidan then appeared beside Tex. We’ll see about that.

Then an infuriated Jett walked up to Aidan about to throw a punch, but before his fist was about to make contact with him. Tex swung his mallet at Jett. Sending him flying through the air and then he landed hard on the THX hangout floor, when he tried to get up, he noticed he lost his leg.

Then Aidan walked up to Jett

Jett: “if you destroy me then my friends will end you!”

Then Aidan cut on Jett’s other leg, causing it to bleed.

“No! Not my other leg!! Jett shouted in fear

“Hey, Aidan, head’s up!” Tex then threw the chainsaw to Aidan, and the latter caught it.

“Thanks, Texo Alexo.” Aidan remarked. He started up the chainsaw to kill the robot plane with.

Then Aidan slammed the chainsaw on Jett, laughing evilly. Jett screamed in agony as his metal was being torn apart.

“Finish the job, Tex!” Aidan said

Then Tex threw a pipe bomb at Jett

“Get ready for your circle of life to end, plane.” Tex shouted in encouragement.

He then threw the pipe bomb onto Jett.

Jett squinted his eyes trying to hope it was a dream until he exploded Blood and plane parts everywhere.

The 2 killers looked at the remaining survivors.

“Who’s next?”

They then exchanged nervous looks until Woody shouted, “RUN!”

Then they ran from the 2 criminals

“Let’s get them!” Aidan shouted, pointing to the survivors .

Tex turned on his jetpack and followed them, while Aidan ran from behind.

Numberblocks 1-5 merged into Numberblock 15.

“Nobody hurts our friends and gets away with it!” Numberblock ً 15 shouted, with realistic aggression.

The stepped shaped numberblocks morphed into her 5 x 3 self and charged up towards Tex, but Tex used his Moo Can, tipped it upside down and created a shockwave, causing her to fly into a portal that resembled hell.

We heard what sounded like flames engulfing and numberblock 15 letting out a scream of anguish.

Aidan aimed the rocket at Jerome and shot him at the engine.

Jerome screamed as was falling to his doom, however, it didn’t sound fake. It sounded like his actor Evan Smolin was in terrible pain.

When Jerome fell to the ground, he exploded blood and fire everywhere.

“Jerome!” Buzz shouted in horror.

Then the space ranger looked at the 2 serial killers.

Buzz: “you sick monsters, I will kill you for that!”

I have never seen buzz that angry in all of my 16 years of living.

Then buzz lightyear charged towards Aidan, before his fist was about to make contact with the human boy. Aidan pulled out a remote and pressed the red button.

Then the THX logo sprouted metallic arms and ROARed at Buzz with its H. Suddenly the cable from the moo can trailer lashed towards buzz and pulled him towards its X. Buzz slid down the secret passage before the door. All Woody could do was watch in horror as his friend got pulled to the logo.

“Buzz!” Woody shouted in horror.

“Woody, we can't save our friends now. But we gotta get out of here before they kill us.”

Woody complied and Shrek, Donkey, Puss in boots, and Woody ran off.

Then 2 mysterious figures showed up. Just when they thought it was the two serial killers. They were the real Jett and Jerome.

“But how? We thought you died!” Shrek said in confusion

“That’s what we wanted you to think. The Jett and Jerome that they killed were actually decoys.” Jett said

“The 15 that the killer red robot killed was also a decoy. Super Wings and numberblocks can’t die. We’re immortal.” Jerome said

The 4 characters were relieved that Jett, Jerome, and numberblocks 1-5 were okay.

Tex: “Peekaboo!”

Woody: “How could you?”

Aidan: “Did you two enjoy the people suffering?”

Shrek: “No, we did NOT! What you are doing to our friends and those people you two murdered is NOT fun!”

Tex: “You want fun? We will show you fun!”

Before the chainsaw was about to make contact with them. Jett and Jerome flew away along with Shrek, Puss in boots, and donkey, leaving Woody behind.

Then the mismatched toy arms grabbed Woody and swung him around. Then the toy arms held Woody like his arms and legs are tied to ropes then Aidan walked up to him and said. “We wanted everyone to have their eardrums destroyed. The Deep Note hasn’t become a win, nor a fail, and never will. You’ll always listen to it and think about the fans that you used to traumatize. I know everything, even under the Disney brand. Things will never be so happy forever, won’t they? You can’t change anything that you have done. Not ever. We’re always watching you feel this way. We’re sorry, but things must be the way they are. Oh, and one more thing…” The screen cut to a woodys POV, then out of nowhere. Aidan lifted his head revealing bloodshot eyes. Before Aidan yelled the 4 famous words. “The audience is listening!!”

Then Aidan swung his chainsaw towards Woody. Before the chainsaw was about to make contact with the cowboy doll the screen cut to black

But once again, the trailer wasn’t over yet.

It showed a shot of the abandoned mall from the beginning of the trailer.

“Is anybody here?” said a young child’s voice echoing.

Just then, a familiar child walked in, and it was Andy, the owner of Buzz and Woody.

Andy looked afraid as he saw the destroyed property and the bodies of the four pups.

Why is he visiting a mall at dark unsupervised? Wouldn’t his mother be worried sick?

Then a dark shadow rose behind him.

At that moment, Aidan Yeckley, emerged from behind him.

And, oh God how do I explain this, he looked berserk; he was all blood stained, he was holding cleavers in both hands, and he was grinning with blood stains on his teeth.

Andy then turned around to see Aidan, and he let out a loud blood-curdling scream.

The scream was so loud I covered my ears. The scream lasted for five seconds until he stopped.

As I went to play the video file again, I noticed blood on my palms.

I panicked at first, then I paused the DVD and went to the bathroom and cleaned my ears.

I got back to my room to watch the trailer

Aidan then tried to attack Andy with a cleaver.

“I’m gonna get ya, little boy!” Aidan yelled.

Andy ran to the door in an attempt to escape

However, Tex landed in front of him like he did at the beginning.

“Hey there, Sparky. Tex mocked. “where’s your mommy?”

Andy gasped in shock.

“don’t worry, my child.” Aidan responded. “We’re only going to make your death painless.”

Tex then grabbed out a chainsaw from the back of his belt.

“Hey, Aidan. CATCH!” Tex then threw the chainsaw to Aidan, and the latter caught it.

“Thank you, Tex.” Aidan remarked.

"You're welcome." Tex said to Aidan.

Just then, Aidan started up the chainsaw to kill Andy with.

Andy screamed and ran through abandoned mall.

He ran past many obstacles that were in his way, as Aidan cut through everything, laughing maniacally, while Tex flew around.

Andy searched for a place to hide until he found a store. He then ran into it and closed the door.

“Oh, Sparky, where are you?” Tex cooed.

“We’re not gonna kill you, we’re only gonna hurt you… really bad.” Aidan added.

Tex then puts on sensibility to calculate where Andy is.

“Hey Aidan, I think I know where that Sparky is.” Tex said

Andy widened his eyes and gasped in horror, they knew where he was hiding.

Tex then opened up the door and found Andy.

Andy screamed in a blood-curdling tone again, but the scream wasn’t loud this time.

Andy tried to run out of the store, but Tex flew into him and grabbed him by the arms. The two were high up into the sky, as the height of a cruise ship.

Tex then flew into the window roof, crashing into the floor.

“Hey, Aidan, I’ve got the kid. I’ll hold him down and you do your job.”

Aidan then ran to where Tex was and started up the chainsaw again.

“Awww, yeah! This is where the playtime starts!” Aidan said, before he kills Andy.

“No! Please don’t kill me! I’m just a young boy! Don’t do this! No! No! NOOOOOOOO!” Andy cried.

Aidan then prepared to swing the chainsaw down on Andy’s chest, before the saw was about to make contact with Andy, the screen cut to black.

It then cuts to the THX logo in the THX hideout where the blue lights turned on just like in Tex 2: moo can. Just then Chase from Super Wings dropped down like the robot mascot did at the beginning of the said trailer.

Chase: “Hey there Viewers, Chase here, and I’m trying to hunt Tex down because he along with Zurg and Bile killed many innocent people and cartoon characters, all because they were scared of him and his logo.”

After he spoke to the viewer The blue lights behind them turned red(not blood red, or horror red, just red) then the Secret agent SuperWing heard the iconic deep note with a faint course of people screaming. He knew what that meant.

The deep note started up

“Oh no, that’s the Screaming deep note! See you in the next trailer. Gotta blast!” Chase said, making a reference to Jimmy Neutron

After Chase transformed into his plane self, he flew into the darkness just in time before the shockwave hit. That was when the deep note reached its loudest point. I covered my ears but I didn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Then Tex dropped in front of the audiences.

Aidan walked into the shot

Tex: “Greetings dear viewer, Texy and Aidan are back.”

Aidan: “we have killed your precious characters. Want to know why? Because they disrespected us and THX.”

Tex: “ we will warn you once since you saw this trailer, if you were scared of me, Aidan, or my logo, then you're truly next.”

Aidan: “goodnight and see you on the other side!”

I don’t know what Aidan meant by that.

Then Tex pressed the button to activate his jetpack AND flew off into the sky laughing evilly.

Aidan ran off.

The screen faded black and some text appeared saying, “The audience is listening.”

I don’t know what Aidan meant.

I was so scared that I hid the DVD in my closet so I won’t get flashbacks.

That night, I couldn’t sleep because I had nightmares about the trailer. But I’m afraid that encounter with that nightmare-inducing trailer was only the beginning.

If you encounter a trailer made by Adam Kennington and, or is goons. Please stay away from them.