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Date: January 3, 2021

I'll never see Joseph or SML the same way ever again...

It was January 2021. 2 days after 2020 ended. SML was one of my favorite channels on YouTube. But not for a week after this incident. I saw that they uploaded a new video.

"What the fuck?" I cracked. It was 3 days since they made a video. But what brought sweats to my face was the thumbnail, name and description. The thumbnail and name read "Joseph Loses It". I thought that this was just a joke pulled off by Logan and I was still happy to see a new episode be put on YouTube, so I clicked it.

BIG Mistake...

The video also was a video with the human puppets, which made sense because Logan can do bad things with his own puppets and plushies. I was greeted by a warning like with The Life of Brooklyn Guy, but instead it said that the video includes too much gore, which surprised me because I thought that they weren't allowed to use bad stuff like swearing and blood. Maybe Logan decided to man up and straight up put gore in the video?

But that wasn't the case when I watched half of the video..

The video started with Junior's iconic "So guys, what do you want to do today?" line. Junior asked Joseph if he wanted to hear a joke, and Joseph was positive. Junior joked about Joseph's mom, and then Joseph started shaking. The video then cut to black, accompanied with blood gushing, ripping out intensities, and the cast screaming in the character's voices. The worst part about that was that these sounds ACTUALLY sounded realistic. The video then cut to the inside of the Secret Door, and oooh boy, I really got fucking scared. What I saw was dead, ripped, corpses of Junior and Cody. There was blood all over Joseph. I'm talking shirt, pants, shoes and face. Even his arms. He was cutting, sawing the dead Cody and Junior.

"Time for my next murder victims."

The scene then cut to Mario, Rosalina, and Jeffy, all watching TV. The electricity then went off, which scared the living hell out of Jeffy. Joseph then shot Jeffy, which scared the LIVING HELL out of the parents. The parents then run off to the kitchen. Mario and Rosalina find Chef Pee Pee standing still right next to the stove. Mario then asks Pee Pee why he was standing still.

The only screenshot of the video I could get.

"It's because I can't see where I'm going and I don't want to run into something." Pee Pee said. The trio found a board saying "I'M SORRY MOM" with blood. Chef Pee Pee then gets shot by Joseph. Chef Pee Pee hits the board, then the floor. The two then scream, then call the cops. Brooklyn Guy then rings the doorbell. No, I didn't miss any detail before that, he answered the door. They then answer the door and, yep, it was Brooklyn Guy. He then said: "Hey, I got a call about a murderer in their house?" He then said: "Wait, why is your house dark?" Mario said they don't know why.

The scene then cuts to the upstairs, trying to aim at the Brooklyn Guy. Luckily for Brooklyn, Joseph missed. The trio then run inside, and try to find the murderer. Brooklyn tries to get the murderer, by calling him. "Hey, whoever you fucking are! Come out with your fucking hands up right now!" Brooklyn said. Before he could finish his phrase, he got shot. "WHO IS DOING THIS?!" Rosalina screamed. Joseph then kills the remaining two.

"Time for more."

The screen then cut to Bowser's room saying "I can't wait for the new Charleyyy and Friends episode!". The screen then cut to the new Charleyyy and Friends episode. Before Charleyyy could finish his iconic line, a gun shot was heard and Charleyyy gets killed. Bowser (or Boss as he is called now) then screams for Charleyy and then gets shot and dies.

I had enough. I paused the video and said to myself: "What the actual fuck am I watching right now?". A notification popped up and it read "You can't escape.". I then tried to close the tab, but my PC was horrendously slow and laggy. However, I managed, but nothing happened. I tried to restart my computer, but no avail. I had no choice but to either watch through the murder kill his enemies or to call 911 or YouTube's headquarters to ask them to remove the video.

I didn't want to watch through this hell, so I called 911. However, I couldn't call any of them, since it would just nothing and give me a notification from the devil of SML also known as Joseph. It read: "Try again.". I had no option but to go through the wrath of Joseph. His murder spree then continued by setting up traps that lead to death. I realized that there was only a few minutes left.

The screen then cut to Marvin and Rose trying to escape from their house, but the door was locked. The end was near. Joseph came back and shot the last 2 oppoents.

At the very end of the video was just Latin text that translated to:

“Happiness is a mask worn by those who dwell in misery.”

The video finally ended with no SML question or any merch promotion.

My PC restarted itself, however, the text no longer said "Restarting", it said "I am coming". The background was no longer blue, it was a shade of blood red. The windows logo was now that same shade of red and was dripping out. The wallpaper was literally blood. Just that. My PC was laggier than the last time, due to the amounts of windows that said: "There is no escape." I used my antivirus and didn't detect anything.

"I know where it is. I should delete it before it's too late." I said to myself. The virus was at the bottom of System32. The icon was a simple transparent image of a basketball with the name "ZJOSEPH". It was a proected hidden file, so it was hard for me to find it. I deleted it, and my PC was fixed. My phone was also back to normal which was weird. I then contacted YouTube to get rid of the video, and they did delete it.

The only proof of this video's existence is a bunch of screenshots people took and stored in their computers, which somehow installed a virus and destroyed their computers, causing irreversible damage.

A week later, I got a letter from the devil of SML. It said:

"Remember me?"