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The Secret Life of Pets is the best movie ever. I liked it when I was a kid. This deleted scene would ruined my childhood.

Anyway, I was at home playing with toys, until my phone buzzed. I pulled out my phone and looked at my email and I noticed that I got an email from Illumination themselves. Here's what they said:

"Hello, Illumination Entertainment fan from USA, we decided that we wanted to show you a deleted draft of a scene from The Secret Life of Pets. Please download this file of the deleted draft of The Secret Life of Pets. After viewing this deleted draft of the Gidget Interrogates Ozone Scene from The Secret Life of Pets, please don't screen it anywhere. Comcast, NBCUniversal"

"A deleted draft of The Secret Life of Pets, huh?" ,I asked in confusion.

Anyway, they sent my a file that came along with the message. I downloaded the file from my phone to my laptop. I then turned on my laptop and went to my files and saw that the file's name was "". I then opened up the file and the video began.

Before the video started, yet again, there was a warning. The warning said this: "This deleted, later changed Gidget Interrogates Ozone scene from The Secret Life of Pets is not for people who are overly sensitive. If you are scared while viewing it, please do not watch this video. Viewer discretion is advised."

I Got Annoyed By It.

"Here goes the craziest again." I said in pain.

The scene started.

Tiberius let go of Ozone and drops him down. "OK, He's too stupid to talk and too ugly to eat."

He said, But then Gidget screams in rage and pins Ozone down to the floor and she said "I'm done playing nice!"

She said angrily "Where is Max?!" But Ozone replies "What?"

Then she slaps Ozone and he groans in pain and She said "Tell me!"

after that she slap Ozone 5 times with her tiny black paw, and Gidget angrily shout "Don't look at him, Look at me!"

Then Ozone groans in pain after She slaps 5 times with Gidget's tiny black paw.

Gidget looks at Ozone in anger.

Instead of saying "Nobody can help you! Where, is, MAX?!?" as in the final film, Gidget forms to have black eyes, red pupils, with a scar on her face and crying blood.

As Gidget bared her claws, She said with a creepy voice "I'm not playing around, and I don't need you anymore, bad cat!" She said.

She bites Ozone in the neck.

Ozone screamed in agonizing as the actor Steve Coogan was being hurt badly.

Ozone had died.

It showed the corpse of Ozone.

He had black hollow eyes and mouth. He was crying blood under his eyes. His ear, legs and tail are missing.

"Crap..." I muttered.

Gidget replied again with a creepy voice, "Let this be a lesson to you, Bad Cat.".

The video then ended.

So, I even recorded the footage and uploaded it to YouTube.

And I sent it to my friends, I deleted the file.

Then, I had nightmares about Gidget mauled me the same as Ozone.

If you find an email that was sent by Illumination about a deleted scene from one of their movies, don't watch it.