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Have you heard of the Thomas and Friends YouTube video, Carly and Cranky’s Big Lift Off? Check it out if you haven’t. But there is this story that I have to tell.
One day, I was looking up YouTube to watch the video, when I found this one called “Carly and Cranky’s Big Lift Off (Alternate Version)”. I thought “Is this official or is this just a YTP?”, so I decided to click on it a and it began.
Before I get onto the video, let me talk about the thumbnail first. Instead of showing Cranky smiling in his grumpy way, it showed Duncan with Gordon’s mutation from Sodor Fallout (and pieces of a truck on his front like Henry from the AU, for some reason). Anyway, back to the video.
The video didn’t start with Thomas opening the doors of his shed and saying "Here comes Thomas!". It instead started with Bulgy screaming with his eyes on fire and smoke coming out of his mouth. Despite this, the video started the same as the original, but near the end, when Cranky lifted Carly, a distorted version of the late Michael Angelis (who sadly passed away in 2020) saying “Then there was trouble, Cranky creaked louder than ever. His crane arm stuttered and jutted, it creaked and it croaked. Then it cracked!” from his narration of Creaky Cranky was heard in the background. Cranky’s arm broke and Carly fell to the ground screaming, causing Sandy to yell “MOMMY!” (Implying Carly is Sandy’s mother). After that, it cut to black and then showed text saying “It was confirmed Carly died from her injuries.”. It then showed Sandy acting like Toby in Sodor Fallout when he had Fireface, going back and forth like a person going in circles in thought. Thomas, Percy, Nia, Kana and Diesel then watched in shock as Sandy reversed and slammed herself into the arm of the breakdown crane. The 5 friends then began sobbing for Sandy.
It then cut to black once again, it then showed text that said “R.I.P. Sandy, we’ll miss you…”, then a distorted version of the theme from Rusty’s story from Duncan Gets Spooked began playing. It also showed several of the engines dying in numerous Shed 17 (and some Sodor Fallout) ways. Here is the list;
Cranky had Spencer’s face from this screenshot from this screenshot from Project G-1.
BoCo was on fire, had a skeletal arm emerging from his side and had the Chinese High Speed Train from Shed 17’s wincing face.
Emily had Percy’s face after it fell off due to his failed bio-fusion progress.
Arthur had Donald’s wincing face from Sodor Fallout and was exploding.
Proteus had Smudger’s screaming face from Project G-1 and (like BoCo) had a skeletal arm merging from his side. However, unlike BoCo, he wasn’t on fire, his eyes were bleeding and there were 2 scientists watching like as if it was an experiment or something.
Rebecca had Ben’s mutated face from Sodor Fallout.
The video then ended with a jumpscare of Peter Sam (or, Stuart) from You Can’t Win when he said “FIDDLESTICKS!”. The difference was that he had demon eyes and it looked like he was crying blood in a rage.
After watching the video, I was traumatised and thought to myself, “What happened to the Maintenance Yard after Carly and Sandy died? Was it closed or something?” I’ll never know.