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Does anybody remember the 1983 Stephen King horror movie Cujo? You know, it's a movie of a killer canine, man's best friend turns into his worst enemy. When sweet St. Bernard Cujo is bitten by a bat, he starts behaving oddly and becomes very aggressive. As Cujo morphs into a dangerous beast, he goes on a rampage in a small town. Stay-at-home mom Donna. gets caught in Cujo's crosshairs on a fateful errand with her son, Tad. Stuck in their tiny car, Donna and Tad have a frightening showdown with the crazed animal. I liked that horror movie a lot when I was a boy and I still do to this day. Even though critics say that the plot is generic and weak, it's still a really good movie.

Although, there was one deleted scene from the movie that was so tragic.

I was playing on my computer, until my phone buzzed. I pulled out my phone and looked at my email and I noticed that I got an email from Stephen King Himself. Here's what he said:

"Hello, Bryden. Since you're a fan of Stephen King and that you like my stuff, I've decided that we wanted to show you a deleted draft of one of the opening scene from my 1983 film, Cujo. After viewing this deleted draft of the opening scene from Cujo, please don't screen it anywhere. Stephen King

"Another deleted draft?" ,I asked in confusion.

Anyway, they sent my a file that came along with the message. I downloaded the file from my phone to my laptop. I then turned on my laptop and went to my files and saw that the files name was "". I then opened up the file and the video began. Before the video began, yet again, there was a warning. The warning said this:

"This deleted, later changed opening scene from Cujo is not for people who are overly sensitive. If you are scared while viewing it, please do not watch this video. Viewer discretion is advised."

I got frustrated

"Here goes the creepy horror show again." ,I said in frustration.

Anyway, the scene started with the scene when the rabbit wandered around.

The Carnotaurus walked to the rabbit.

The Demented Carnotaurus.png

And, oh god, he looked berserk; he was all scratched up, his eyes were red and he had blood dripping from his mouth.

"Oh my god!" ,I said under my breath.

The scene changed with the rabbit not noticing.

The demented carnotaurus started chasing the rabbit.

The demented carnotaurus chased the rabbit all around.

The scene changed with the rabbit running to a dead end.

The carnotaurus growled with the blood dripping from it's mouth.

The rabbit was freaking out.

The rabbit had nowhere to go.

The scene changed with the rabbit's POV The Carnotaurus roared deeply and loudly.

The rabbit was about to run.

but the carnotaurus mauled the rabbit with his teeth.

The rabbit was freaking out really bad.

The carnotaurus bit the rabbit bad.

Until the rabbit felt weak.

The rabbit passed out and died.

Blood went all everywhere.

I felt extremely sick.

So i went to the bathroom and vomited.

After that i was ready to get to the end

I played the video

The Carnotaurus walked away

Then the scene faded to black, and then the deleted scene ended.

"Crap..." I muttered

I can't believe I saw the most disturbing version of the opening scene of Cujo ever.

So I recorded the footage, sent it on google drive. and I deleted the file off of my laptop. I then had a lot of nightmares about the demented carnotaurus in Cujo chasing me and killing me the same as the rabbit.

If you find an email that was sent by Stephen King about a deleted scene from one of his movies, don't watch it.