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Monsters, Inc. was one of Pixar’s best works yet. It had a neat concept and charming moments. I was scared of it when I was a kid, but I will always have a soft spot for it.

But that’s not what I am talking about, there is something that will be stuck in my head for years now.

It was November 2nd, 2020. A year before Monsters, Inc.'s 20th anniversary. I was viewing the Pixar website about their projects from 1995-2005. Not long after, I got a mail notification from Pixar. I opened up the email and it said:

“Hello, Pixar fan from Australia, we would like to show you an unreleased draft of the beginning of “Monsters, Inc.”, as we would rather not release it to the public. The person who made it was the same person who made the deleted draft of Woody’s Nightmare from “Toy Story 2”, only he impersonated a random man. After you watch it, please do not screen it anywhere. Watch at your own risk.”

I was confused, but surprised. I just got another email from Pixar. The first time I got one from them was when I was given a deleted draft of Woody’s Nightmare from “Toy Story 2”.

I downloaded the file, and it was finally saved onto my laptop. Its file name was “”.

“An alternate draft of the beginning of Monsters, Inc., huh?” I thought to myself.

I opened up the file. But before it played, it had a warning.

“This following deleted, later changed, footage of Monsters, Inc. you are about to see is not for the weak-hearted. Viewer discretion is advised.”

I got anxious after reading it. Here goes the freakiness again.

The footage started with a shot of a shelf in a child’s bedroom with toys placed on. We heard the usual dialogue as heard in the final film.

“Good night, sweetheart.” Said a Woman’s voice.

“Good night, mom.” Said a Boy’s voice.

“Sleep tight, kiddo.” Said a man’s voice.

The light then switched off. It then panned down to the simulation boy sleeping in bed.

Things were normal, but when the door creaked open, there was a silent growl coming from the simulation boy’s closet. The boy looked around his room to see where the growling was coming from, and he saw a tentacle leaning on the door.

However, something wasn’t right. The arm was holding a hatchet.

The boy gasped and shut his eyes, bracing for a scare, but when he looked again, the arm was only his red jumper sleeve.

The boy then went back to sleep. Then a shadow flew over him. As that happened, the room then glowed dark red.

Wilbur hiding under the boy's bed

“What… the hell… is going on?” I said to myself. This was why this was changed.

When it panned under the bed, blue glowing eyes opened, but there was blood pouring out of them.

Wilbur grinning at the boy

It then cut to a shot of the simulation boy sleeping. At that moment, Wilbur, from Sackboy: A Big Adventure 2: The Return of Vex, emerged from behind.

And, oh god, he looked berserk; he was holding a cleavers in both hands, and he was grinning a sharp toothed grin.

The boy then turned around to see Wilbur, and he let out a loud, piercing and blood-curdling scream.

The scream was so loud I covered my ears. The scream lasted for five seconds until he stopped.

As I went to play the video file again, I noticed blood on my palms.

“Shit…” I croaked. The boy’s scream made my ears bleed even if I still covered them.

Wilbur then tried to attack the boy with a cleaver, but the boy jumped out of bed, and was a human, rather than a robot.

“I’m gonna get ya, little boy!” Yelled Wilbur.

The simulation boy then opened up the door to get his parents.

"Mom! Dad! There’s a mage in my room!”However, a familiar figure landed in front of him.

It was no other than… the Dastardly Vex.

“Hey there, Sparky. Your Mommy and Daddy aren’t here to save you.” Vex then chuckled sinisterly.

The boy was getting even more scared.

“What did you do to them?” The boy asked in fear.

Vex was about to catch the knife to Wilbur.

“Don’t worry, I’ve put them in a safe place. Now, it’s playtime with the god of chaos!”

Vex then grabbed out a his sword.

“Hey, Wilbur, head’s up!” Vex then threw the sword to Wilbur, and the latter caught it.

“Thanks, Vex.” Wilbur remarked. He wields the sword to kill the boy with.

The boy screamed and ran through his house.

He ran past many obstacles that were in his way, as Wilbur cut through everything, laughing maniacally, while Vex flew around.

Vex and Wilbur about to kill the boy

The boy bung on his parents’ bedroom door, but they didn’t open. Instead, he tried to find a place to hide.

The boy searched for a place to hide until he found the kitchen pantry. He then ran into it and closed the door.

“Oh, Sparky, where are you?” Vex cooed.

“We’re not gonna kill you, we’re only gonna hurt you… really bad.” Wilbur added.

The boy then sneezed in the pantry, accidentally alerting the two serial killers.

Wilbur then opened up the pantry and found the boy.

The boy screamed in a blood-curdling tone again, but the scream wasn’t loud this time.

The boy tried to run out of the house, but Vex flew into him and grabbed him by the arms. The two were high up into the sky, as the height of a cruise ship.

Vex then flew into the boy’s window, crashing into the bed.

“Hey, Wilbur, I’ve got the kid. I’ll hold him down and you do your job.”

Wilbur then ran into the room and aimed him with a sword.

“Awww, yeah! This is where the playtime starts!”

The boy panicked.

“No! Please don’t hurt me! I’m just a young boy! No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Wilbur then prepared to swing the sword down on the boy’s chest, but his nose started to feel tickly. At that moment, he sneezed on the human-simulation boy. The mucus on the boy was very toxic it started absorbing into him.

The boy let out a third blood-curdling scream, but it was louder than the first one.

I covered my ears again, but they bled again.

The scream lasted for four seconds, shorter than the first scream.

When the scream stopped, I received a headache. I then went outside of the house to rest my head for five minutes and cleaned the blood out of my ears with a tissue. When time was up, I went to watch the rest of the video.

Wilbur and Vex laughed maniacally, as the boy's skin was being irritated. The boy then started to feel nauseous he started to get rashes and his eyes then disintegrate and he finally collapsed. The laughing stopped as soon as he finally died.

“Holy Shit…” I muttered.

It showed an uncomfortably close-up shot of the boy’s face zooming in. He was missing his eyes, there was a scar on the right side of his head and his ear drums were faintly bleeding.

As it zoomed into his face, there was a group of people’s screams fading in. I expected for something else to happen.

However, it snapped back to reality where Wilbur has made a huge mess in the Simulation Room. The bed was knocked over, many objects in the room were moved around and damaged, and the simulation boy was pulled out of the bed.

Wilbur then smiled embarrassedly, as the wall pulled up.

N.A.O.M.I., from Sackboy: A Big Adventure, was disappointed in Willbur for making a mess.

“Wilbur J. Hopkins, you’re fired. I’m sorry, but the truth hurts.”

Wilbur groaned in despair.

The video then ended.

After seeing the simulation boy’s corpse, I started to have an upset stomach, I ran to the bathroom and threw up straight into the toilet.

After I threw up, I went to delete the file on my laptop, since Pixar didn’t want it screened in public.

That night, I started to have nightmares. I had a nightmare of Wilbur J. Hopkins and Vex killing me, and another about the Simulation Boy screaming in my face.

I hadn’t watched another Pixar film after that day. Every night I sleep in bed, I get that feeling somebody is watching me… from my wardrobe…